Monday, August 29, 2011

Rory is One!

I've thought about writing this post many times. I will blame my laziness of blogging on my computer transition. I mentioned to you guys about the hard drive crash of 2011. My sweet hubby surprised me with an iPad on my birthday earlier this month. I LOVE it, but it is taking some getting use to. I had to find an app to be able to blog from so it all feels new. So forgive me!

My sweet little Rory turned one on August 12. I can't even believe it. This year has flown by. She has been such an answer to prayer. Her sweet smile lights up the room. She has little curls on the back of her head. Four (plus two more coming in) front teeth and loves to scrunch up her nose all the time. She isn't walking yet but is so close!

Here are a couple of pics of her that day. Can you believe that I forgot to take one of her sitting with her bear in the chair? Poor second child.

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  1. I can't believe she's one! Could she get any cuter? You've got two precious little girls!