Saturday, May 21, 2011

Rory 9 Months (ALREADY!!!)

I seriously CAN. NOT. BELIEVE. that Rory is already 9 months old. She brings us all so much joy. She has the capacity to absolutely melt your heart with her smile. This girl is the picture of contentment and happiness. My favorite thing lately is watching and/or listening to her and Sinclair laugh together. Rory adores her sister--that is easy to see. Lately, she has really been approaching crawling and as of yesterday this girl began. Our life is over as we know it. Having two has been easy at times because I can place Rory is one spot and trust that she will remain. Good thing I've started working out this week because I'll need the extra endurance to keep up with them.

At her 9 month check up, she was so sweet. NOT. ONE. PEEP. out of her. She just intently watched everything the doctor did and barely cried when she got her shot. Wow, what a different experience than with Sinclair (my drama queen).

Her stats: 19.1 lbs - 60%; 28.25" long - 75%

Here she is in all her sweetness.

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  1. Such a cutie pie! So glad she's doing so well. Good luck with the adjustment to her crawling and an older sibling. :>)