Wednesday, April 6, 2011

We are in the HOUSE!!!

The day we waited for, for 11 months finally arrived last Sunday. We packed the trucks and moved into the new house. I am so thrilled to finally be here. I have such a peaceful feeling in this house. It is so open and airy. The paint colors are simply soothing. Here is one picture of the kitchen. I posted a few others over at our other blog, North Ocoee.
And a picture of little Rory breaking in the new farmhouse sink.
We seriously need to take more but I hate taking pictures of spaces will boxes and junk everywhere. (I foresee a yard sale in our future.) There is still a lot to do: shelves need to be hung in the closets, half the doors don't have door knobs, our kitchen hardware needs to be put on and our master bath isn't completed yet. BUT at least its livable!

Also, I wanted to include a cute little video of Sinclair. I don't know about you, but growing up I LOVED Psalty the singing Songbook. I found all my cassette tapes (yes, I'm old) when unpacking. So on the way to church, I busted one of them out. Here is Sinclair loving it.



  1. LOVE the house! Can't wait to visit in person!

  2. STOP it!! Record some salty for me!!

  3. That's wonderful! So glad you guys are finally in - it looks beautiful!! And I LOVED Salty when I was little too...I've always wondered if you can still buy them for our little ones?!

  4. Very exciting. I can't wait to see what you with the interiors of the new house! M.